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Injured? You need an experienced advocate on your side.

In the blink of an eye, your life can change forever. A drunk driver.  An unsafe job site.  A hazardous drilling platform.  Serious accidents can ravage your health or take the life of a loved one. Hospital bills pile up.  Income benefits are denied.  Medical care is delayed.  The impact runs from severe pain and depression to financial ruin. You feel like you're losing control.  Everything you worked your whole life for-- you see it slipping away.

After a serious injury or wrongful death, the insurance may promise they'll make it right. But give them a chance, and they'll try to settle for pennies on the dollar.  Who will hold them accountable?

Alan Tysinger is a skilled trial attorney who fights for the rights of the seriously injured and their families. He is no stranger to the courthouse, having handled both administrative cases and trial litigation all across the state of Texas, from the Red River to the Rio Grande.

Alan Tysinger's experience covers both administrative hearings (BRC/CCH/SOAH), to jury trials, to appellate courts and the Texas Supreme Court. Contact Attorney Alan Tysinger for a free attorney consultation today at (210) 446-0713.