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Designated Doctor Appointments

1. I got a letter telling me I have to go to a designated doctor examination. What is that? Do I have to go?

A designated doctor is a doctor selected by the TDI-DWC (not the insurance company) to examine you, review your records, ask you questions, and provide an opinion on issues surrounding your case. For example, the doctor may be asked to address whether you are disabled, what diagnoses should be included in your claim, whether you have reached your maximum medical improvement, and what your impairment rating is.

You are required to attend an examination with a designated doctor if properly ordered by the TDI-DWC. An attorney can challenge the order for an examination if there is a legitimate dispute over whether the DWC properly ordered the examination. For example, the evaluations may have been requested too frequently, or the evaluation may be on an issue that was already addressed by the doctor. In some rare cases, the doctor you are assigned may be unqualified for the job.

If you do not have permission from a hearing officer not to attend the examination, you must do so or face an administrative penalty (fine), plus the loss of temporary income benefits until you finally attend the evaluation.

If you have good cause for failing to attend the examination, you can challenge the denial of benefits at a hearing.

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