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Questions to Ask a Lawyer in the Initial Interview

Hiring a lawyer is a critically important decision for you and your family.  if you are interviewing a lawyer (and you should interview the lawyer, not just an assistant) for your injury case, here are some questions attorney Alan Tysinger believes you should consider asking.


1. Will you be representing me on my workers' compensation claim in addition to my "third party" case against the party that caused my injuries, or will I have to find another lawyer to handle that?


2. When I have questions about my case, who do I contact, you or your assistant or associate?


3. When I go to a hearing on my case, will you reprsent me or send one of your employees?


4. If I lose my contested case hearing, will you file an appeal, or will I have to find another lawyer to do that?


5. When was the last time you prevailed in reversing a judge on appeal?


6. If I lose the appeal and would like to file suit for judicial review, do you consider filing such suts and taking them forward to trial, or would I need to find another lawyer to do that?


7. If I win my contested case hearing/appeal and the insurance carrier files suit to reverse the decision in court, do you handle those cases or would I need to find another attorney to do that?


8. If I hire your firm and you are not located in my city, will you appear personally at my hearings or only by telephone?


9. How long have you been practicing law in Texas?


10. How long have you been with this firm and practicing in this city?  Do you believe you still will be here a year from now?


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