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Education: Attorney Alan Tysinger

Alan D. Tysinger is an attorney in private practice in San Antonio, Texas. He graduated cum laude from Baylor University in Waco as a University Scholar in 1996. He attended law school at the University of Texas at Austin, where he was an original staff member of the Texas Review of Law & Politics, a conservative and libertarian law journal.  He graduated from law school in December of 1998 and took the February 1999 Texas Bar Exam, receiving his license to practice law in May of 1999.  He has continuously practiced law in the state of Texas since that time.


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Suffering an on the job injury or losing a loved one to an accident is an emotional and difficult challenge. Battling with insurance and getting the right legal answers is something you won't want to do alone. Attorney Alan Tysinger has experience and know-how to get to the truth of your injury case and hold the insurance or employer accountable. You can get a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio by calling toll-free 866-957-2667 or send a message online.