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What Sets Alan Tysinger Apart as an Attorney

Until the 1989 changes in the Texas Workers' Compensation Act, attorneys in Texas could easily settle claims for a lump sum and 25% payment of attorney's fees.  Attorneys would often take the easy way out, compromising clients' future medical care in favor of the immediate reward of monetary settlement.  Concerned about abuse, the Texas legislature amended the law to abolish lump sum settlements, purportedly guarantee lifetime medical care, and reduce the role of litigation in the system.


As a result, few attorneys remain who practice in this field.  Alan Tysinger is one of those few and among those who remain in this field, he has demonstrated himself both skilled and committed to the task of representing the seriously injured in all phases.  He personally handles each case from start to finish, as he always has.  He personally interviews clients, files claim forms, appears at each hearing, prepares the paperwork for trial, drafts and files any necessary appeal, and consults with clients by email, telephone, text message, and office conference throughout the pendency of the case.  He consults with potential new clients individually.


The same is true for all practice areas, from estate planning/document drafting to civil trial litigation and appeal.  Alan Tysinger is a workers' compensation attorney who is personally involved, accessible, and committed to each case.  He has never made it a practice to farm out his work to assistants or associates, preferring the satisfaction of direct client involvement and builds a legacy of success on knowing his clients and their cases from the inside out.


Peers in the legal community recognize Alan Tysinger as a go-to attorney for his depth of knowledge, insight, and willingness to deeply engage both the intellectual issues of his cases and the "big picture" policy trends of the day. He counts it a privilege to receive frequent client referrals from other professionals, including healthcare providers and other attorneys.  He is sought after as a speaker, having appeared before the Advanced Workers' Compensation Seminar of the State Bar of Texas, occupational medicine continuing medical education seminars, and the Texas Legislature.


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Suffering an on the job injury or losing a loved one to an accident is an emotional and difficult challenge. Battling with insurance and getting the right legal answers is something you won't want to do alone. Attorney Alan Tysinger has experience and know-how to get to the truth of your injury case and hold the insurance or employer accountable. You can get a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer in San Antonio by calling toll-free 866-957-2667 or send a message online.